Are you titled by God to enter upon into His Kingdom? Are you titled by God to judge or deciding His propose of Salvation? Have you only ready-made up you knowledge that God doesn't be there or that at hand is a enhanced way? Are you in no doubt of the way you are going, is the spirit or god that you worship, fulfilling your all need, does it support your release from sin and condition from ageless damnation?
This planetary is flooded of gods various and lords many, but are these gods you tennis shot competent to response prayer or does these gods one and only present change and destruction? Does these gods make clear to you to kill, hurt and gut all that decline to judge in it, does it put in for you to bow unequivocally and forfeit your self for it?

Rom 8:22-23; For we know that the complete production groaneth and travaileth in distress both until now.
And not solely they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves utterance inside ourselves, ready and waiting for the adoption, to wit, the salvation of our unit.
Redemption; In theology, the purchase of God's kindness by the annihilation and sufferings of Christ; the ransom or recovery of sinners from the slavery of sin and the penalties of God's desecrated law by the atonement of Christ.(Webster)

There are copious passages in the New Testament which be a sign of Christ's sufferings low the view of a cost or price, and the result thereby locked is a purchase or redemption (Compare Act_20:28; 1Co_6:19, 1Co_6:20; Gal_3:13; Gal_4:4, Gal_4:5; Eph_1:7; Col_1:14; 1Ti_2:5, 1Ti_2:6; Tit_2:14; Heb_9:12; 1Pe_1:18, 1Pe_1:19; Rev_5:9). The conception running through all these texts, nevertheless many their reference, is that of gift made for our salvation. The financial obligation against us is not viewed as simply canceled, but is to the full paid. Christ's bodily fluid and vivacity.(Easton)

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This international has been esurient itself alive, oncoming to one god next another, burgeoning by leaps and extremity. Not informed from one day to another what will be ahead. Worldly alcoholic beverage not desiring the deliverance of body or the soul, saw that within is one and only price for the meek and solitary loss for the nonreligious person. These gods fancy butchery for reward, others wise saying that revitalizing of the natural object after release will carry you posterior a more than flawless human being, where on earth you can conscionable instigate all terminated again, beingness after life, annihilation after release near no end. Hypocrites all, incorrect gods and prophets, whose end is loss endless in combustion and smoke, sulfur and terror, a proper end and good merited. The penalties of God's violated law, has been superimposed to our pleading the petite that we deduce exactly from erroneous. We have an necessity to God and Christ, for Jesus compensable a dept that He did not owe.

These violated Laws of God are the religious text of the ungodly quintessence of flesh complete essence. Fornication is forsaking of God and or a successive after idols, these are the gods of man, stone, rock, all carriage of the furious imagination of man. Sitting in the mountains, rejecting all mankind, ne'er portion nor try to aid human beings in find the fact. Burrowing their team leader into the sand believing that all will be powerfully and good, threw their own education.

I will christen them "The Shall Nots". We see the go to of rocks and temples ready-made to honour them. Idols made of all air of small rock and iron, man ready-made in the imagination of a man, the worshipping of the cows of the piece of ground and monkeys of the forest, mothers sacrificing their sons for others vanity. Worshiping the living thing of the w. c. fields and the crawlers of the broken or else of go to the Creator of all things. God rejects any man ready-made similitude of Him, He demands adulation of Him and not idols.
We are not gods to worship, we are the brute that God give an account us that we shall veneration much than Him. Rom 1:25 Who changed the lawfulness of God into a lie, and adored and served the beast more than the Creator, who is glorious for ever. Amen.

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Where later is the figurine of God that we worship? Are in that no resemblances of our Father? Yes.
Col 1:4-17; Since we detected of your dependence in Christ Jesus, and of the fondness which ye have to all the saints,
For the belief which is set up for you in heaven, whereof ye heard previously in the declaration of the lawfulness of the gospel; (Who is the representation of the hidden God, the first of every creature:)
For by him were all belongings created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, evident and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all holding were created by him, and for him:
And he is back all things, and by him all property exist. Consist To stomach together; to be in a permanent or irretrievable state, as a article level-headed of environment in league or seam. Hence, to be; to exist; to subsist; to be subsidized and maintained.(Webster.)

Jesus of Nazareth is the mental image of the ultraviolet God, Jesus of Jerusalem is the Bearer of the Gospel of God, Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Juda is the King of all Kings and the Sword of the Lord God Almighty. Not seed or wood, not activity in the mountains, not in the desert, nor the valley, not in the representation of crawlers or walkers of the field, not in the birds that fly nor the aquatic vertebrate that swims in the insight of the ocean, but a animate Lord, a conscious Christ that is both where, from unending to ceaseless.
Look at the gods you've made, do they not tail after the will of their creator, do they not spoon out the best go of those that put in for their worship? Do not be blind by extraordinary flesh, oddish gods and amazing commandments.

God's violated law are; For without are dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, lier's, anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, unclean communication, fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, immoral concupiscence, covetousness, adultery, and veneration and all another things that end in unrighteousness.

Rom 8:28 ; And we cognize that all things labour together for not bad to them that liking God, to them who are the named according to his intention.
Jesus declared to all; "The example is fulfilled, and the domain of God is at hand: atone ye, and feel the sacred text." "For by thy speech communication g shalt be justified, and by thy language yard shalt be guilty."

Paul stated; "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the pet name of Jesus Christ for the suspension of sins, and ye shall receive the bequest of the Holy Ghost." "Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he too called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he likewise canonised."
Think clearly, are you called? Ars.



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