The South Russian Ovtcharka is as well specified as the South Russian Sheepdog. It resembles the Bearded Collie not one and only in looks but in colloquial tendencies and it is expected that the two breeds may have whatever public inheritable milieu. There is dispute on that matter, for some historians judge that the South Russian Sheepdog is smarmy endemic to the Steppe land of Russia and that there is authentication to put forward that they were a good habitual attendance by 1790. Others glue to the presumption that the dogs primitively were foreign from Austria and Europe to service as congregation guards. However, the Austrian dogs of the offering day are less significant and short the well-set tutelar tendencies which are portion of the quality of the Ovtcharka.

Regardless of the origin, the important duty of this large-scale and ferocious dog is secure the flocks from predators. These predators involve the canid and carry and point lions. The territory that it will cement for itself is as great as the spatial arrangement within its list of olfactory sensation and encompassing the fold of sheep, routinely Merino Sheep. The Merino Sheep tend to uphold themselves unneurotic in a congregation or group, the Ovtcharka will detachment the out edges of the flock continuously and next to excellent continuity. It is a enlarged and progressive line with effortful jaw and bad stamina of article. For many centuries the South Russian Sheepdog has preserved a attendance amongst the bovid herds near minus participation or human research of any category. Often the dogs were given birth inside the faithful and grew up inwardly the flock, brought up by the dam and qualified by the dam the job of faithful shielder. Human shepherds were in attendance for the obligatory nutrient and attention but else than that the dogs took the job of sheepdog or more accurately flock defender quite seriously and somewhat on their own.

The dog at a least is 26 inches in height at the sensibility and there is no bounds or supreme to the loftiness as far as the banner of the line of descent. Weight is consistently 110-130 pounds. The Ovtcharka has a untidy soft coat which is customarily somewhat ragged. They are impervious to unrestrained behaviour in the temperatures and the coat is moderately upwind impervious. The coat is eternal and of equal fundamental quantity on all environs of the natural object with the stamina and tail, which hangs fluff to below the put up and curls slightly at the end. The face besides has lifelong hair and is bearded next to a sweet fore fastening which will assure the thought if not groomed. Ears are relatively to the point and lop and also mantled beside a untidy outer garment. The dog has a thickset and athletic body, massive but not coarse, all right angulated for accompanying gracefulness and rush. It is indeed a dog which can run about as speedily as the canid and has acute command.

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The Ovtcharka is not a kinfolk dog. They are forcefully autarkical and behaviorally are a great deal like a wolf. They are shielding and upon one's guard of strangers once alive inside a menage and will victuals their quality unit a great deal as if they were the congregation. This is a dog near a sleepless nature, a dog next to an sleepless attitude and utmost suffer of faithfulness which will naturally ingeminate into markedly protecting behaviors if it is a beneficiary of a quality home. Consequently everybody who owns a South Russian shepherd dog essential be an alpha being and effective of woman the large number maestro. For few age the Ovtcharka was on the list of the dogs registered as members of the Miscellaneous Class of the American Kennel Club but this was not nonstop for deficiency of involvement. However the South Russian static has many admirers in the United States and here are several breed clubs which include their own dealings. The Ovtcharka is on the written record of the F.C.I. and the Kennel Club of Great Britain.

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